Podcast with ENS athletes – Mary-Sophie Harvey, Siobhan Haughey & Emily Seebohm (1.12.2020)

by inessapublished on 28 January 2021

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00:28 – How was the season for you, even though ENS got second place overall?
Emily: “We didn’t understand the jackpot rule (at the beginning).” “We can’t be disappointed, we really got together as a team.”
Siobhan: “We figured out how to maximize our points.” “Even though we didn’t win, it’s still a success.”
Mary: “We were the one that improved the most, every match we got better.”

4:10 – Siobhan on swimming multiple races an getting tired: “Even though you’re physically very tired, you just need that push mentally to go a best time.”

7:25 – How is the culture in ENS?
Siobhan on the culture and being this season on a new team: “We are all different but come together really well.” “You can learn a lot from swimmers and coaches.”
8:38 – Mary on her experience: “I’ve always enjoyed these kinds of meets, you just want to be better and be there for your team.”

9:27 – Is ISL mentally taxing, or not?
Mary: “I try to not put too much pressure on my races.” “It goes so quickly, I didn’t have time to overthink.”
Emily: “I always put pressure on myself, to swim well.”

12:40 – Siobhan on how teammates play a role in your performance: “You know the whole team is there to support you.” “That’s all you need to swim a fast race.”

15:45 – Mary on her change of races, from middle distance to swimming sprint events: “It’s nice when you don’t do some races often and do a best time.” “Takes the pressure away.”

23:00 – What was the main concern this season, was the jackpot rule? What do you look to change next year?
Emily: “We knew if we didn’t win the women’s (medley) relay, the will choose breaststroke.” “There were strategies we could have used (during day 1):” “We needed positivity on day 1, and not worrying about Cali.”
Mary: “We all got surprise with the new rules, we didn’t know what to expect.” “This new rule is quite important.” “The focus is on winning the event, and we got a little bit surprised.”

30:20 – Siobhan on a possibly change of roster in ENS and the draft: “Introducing draft system would make teams more even.” “Teams would change.”

31:20 – Siobhan on the team culture and if it can be affected by the draft: “Team cultures are created by swimmers and also by coaches, and ENS has always had a great team culture.” “Our values and goals would stay the same.”

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